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Sourdough Focaccia

I searched the Internet for a sourdough focaccia recipe but couldn’t find one that was satisfactory. They all used US cups and tablespoons that don’t translate well to other countries. A US cup holds 237 mL whereas an Australian cup holds 250 mL. Not only that, but the amount of flour in a cup depends on the type of flour and how tightly it is packed. All bread recipes should be expressed by weight, except where it doesn’t matter much (eg salt).

In the end I found a yeast-based one at Wild Yeast that I liked and could convert to sourdough. Most focaccia recipes seem to be about 80% hydration, and this one looked right.


Kneading the dough with a soft scraper
The dough poured on to a tray
Ready for the oven
Ready to eat


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